Lodi Community Action Network (C.A.N.)

What is Lodi C.A.N.?

Lodi C.A.N. is a non-profit organization that falls under the Lodi Chamber of Commerce. It was created to allow residents to join the members of our business community and create the best Lodi to live and raise our children. 

What is Lodi C.A.N.’s Mission Statement?

To advocate, promote and help form new local volunteer Non-profit organizations while also raising  awareness of Mental Health, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion through the Borough of Lodi and the Stigma Free Initiative.

Want to Become a Positive Impact for Lodi?

Highlights of our Accomplishments

  • Helped pass a resolution to have our town become a Purple Heart Community (the first in Bergen County).
  • Assisted in community oriented projects with nonprofits like the Girl Scouts. We were able to reach out with them to the borough to have them work on volunteer projects like planting trees in front of the municipal complex and paint a mural on the old concession stand to help deter graffiti.
  • Through our parent organization the Lodi Chamber of Commerce, we created a business to community relationship. This has helped us secure multiple donations from town businesses for the Lodi Little League and town-wide events. It also helped with receiving a $5,o00 donation from the Great Clips Great Schools contest with owner Nancy Berkow applying for the prize.
  • With the help of the school district we brought in Mental Health First Aid Training (3 year certification) for our districts guidance department.
  • In partnership with the Lodi Drug Alliance, Bergen Psychology, Care Plus and Shaw Solutions, we held a Mental Health Symposium for the residents of our town free of charge.
  • Voluntarily reached out to Michael Woods, owner of Discover Your Mobility, to surprisingly have a motorized lightweight accessible wheelchair donated ($3,000 value) for a resident after a tragic incident had occurred.
  • Early on during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we initially started to raise money to purchase food for our senior residents. This became a bigger project which we worked with Jeff Lavender to have a larger outreach. Through selling signs, face masks and monetary donations, we helped bring in $7000 to start. This project grew it’s own legs and helped Jeff launch American Eagle Food Pantry. As a stand alone nonprofit now, American Eagle Food Pantry continues to help those in need.
  • Raise a call to action to receive donations to help a child who is diagnosed with Bethlem Myopathy, a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and purchased a stair lift to ensure the child gains confidence through independence.
  • Participated in both Fall Fests in Lodi. Sold pumpkins, apple cider and apple cider donuts as a fundraiser. All proceeds were split by Lodi Little League and Lodi C.A.N.