Helping Build Our Community Businesses

The Regional Lodi Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, non-political organization of businesses and professional individuals working together to improve business opportunity and the community that surrounds.

We pride ourselves with assisting the businesses in our greater area through trainings, seminars and networking events as well as creating a positive impact through community relations through events and contests to establish a long term relationship with the residents of our region.

Working together with the municipality, we pledge to provide a clean, safe environment for our customers. We will work with the local officials to ensure responsible government and improvements to the borough of Lodi and its neighbors.

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Who We Are

The Regional Lodi Chamber of Commerce is a private organization built of businesses and organizations in the Lodi regional area made up of towns including:

  • Lodi
  • Saddle Brook
  • Garfield
  • Hasbrouck Heights
  • Elmwood Park
  • Wood-Ridge
  • Bergen County
  • Passaic County

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Lodi C.A.N. Campaign

We believe that Lodi CAN be the best place to live and raise your children. Within the last two years we have created new relationships with businesses, the school district and the council to create a positive impact on our community. Please take a look at what we have done for Lodi since our inception. We are a nonprofit and heavily rely on donations to keep working towards our mission. We would love for you to leave any size amount donation, it is greatly appreciated. Click the picture above to go to our Campaign Page.

Members at a Glance

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What Does the Lodi Chamber of Commerce Do?

The Lodi Chamber of Commerce is a civic organization made up of a membership from our local businesses in our greater community. We look to develop working relationships with our local government, board of education and other organizations in Lodi to create a community that thrives because of our engaging residents.

In the gallery above, all of these pictures of the last few years have started with or had the support of the Lodi Chamber of Commerce or Lodi Community Action Network (C.A.N.).

We as a community, can and will continue to make Lodi the best place to live and raise our children. 


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